The Magic of Unforgettable

I have a skill for working myself up into a vortex of obsession. The typical fixation ranges from a worrisome thought about family or a friend, an imagined slight or what another person thinks or feels about something I’ve said or done. Whatever the fixation, if I allow it, my mind will lock into obsessing over the most unimportant and inconsequential things. One way I have been able to cope with my tendency to obsess is through words. Song lyrics in particular. Obsessing over a string of words hung beside the musical notes of a song like garland strung together with bells around a christmas tree; that is what saves me from obsessing over things that are energy draining. 

A lyric I have most recently been mesmerized by is, “El silencio no olvida tu nombre”. Translation, the silence does not forget your name. While my obsession with this string of words is not quite in line with the meaning the song intended them to have, I cannot help but feel so deeply moved when they spill from the singers mouth at the beginning of the song. 

El silencio no olvida tu nombre. The silence does not forget your name.

Every single time I hear her sing those words and I repeat them back to myself, it makes me feel loved, important and truly unforgettable. 

The personification of silence. Silence focusing on not forgetting your name. That is what moves me. These words bring to mind the silence in meditation and the benevolent entity that lies beneath it. The entity that loves. 

That song lyric has a restorative effect on my being. It reminds me that no matter how often I convince myself that I am unlovable, forgettable and unimportant, it’s just not true. It’s just another bullshit story I have been repeating to myself and obsessively holding onto. For someone like me, constant, beautiful reminders out there that I can pull into myself and transform into something I can feel good about are everything. Finding meaning tucked between song lyrics or excerpts of a book are my way of being what I think and what I see, I take those words into my being and allow them to dust their magic onto my soul because some days I feel I cannot bear the world without them. Allowing me to be unforgettable through the magic of words.

(Song Lyric from No Te Vas – Camila Fernández)

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