Our Four Legged Friends

There exist stories of the infamous black dog who mercilessly drags spirits like mine through the muckiest of muds and the murkiest of puddles. Impartial jowls dripping and dragging along with them. Pulling those poor souls away from themselves. Souls who believed they never stood a chance to begin with.  Yet there comes a momentContinue reading “Our Four Legged Friends”

The Magic of Unforgettable

I have a skill for working myself up into a vortex of obsession. The typical fixation ranges from a worrisome thought about family or a friend, an imagined slight or what another person thinks or feels about something I’ve said or done. Whatever the fixation, if I allow it, my mind will lock into obsessingContinue reading “The Magic of Unforgettable”

Fuck Your Feelings

It’s Monday morning. On my way to work, in an autopilot haze crucial to start the week off without a post weekend freak out, and there it was.  A bumper sticker on someone’s truck. Trump for America, Fuck Your Feelings. I had to read it again because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. ItContinue reading “Fuck Your Feelings”