Hi, My name is Sahara, or Que Te Cuesta Vega as I’ve recently self proclaimed. I love words, writing and the exhilarating feeling you get when expressing yourself through them. Writing about my perspective on the human condition or whatever I am inspired by at any moment has always felt like the truest thing I could do. For that reason, I’ve always had this tiny seedling of a dream floating about my mind to start a blog. A blog I could fully throw myself into as authentically as humanly possible, but I always found some other life thing to get distracted with or some excuse not to. I know it cannot be stated enough that 2020 has been a very challenging year so far for everyone. Though difficult, all this time forced indoors, away from distractions to compare, my tiny little seedling of a dream began to sprout into something I had to pursue. For the sole purpose of getting to know myself and the world around me more deeply. So I’ve decided to embark on the blogger journey and have created my site in the image of a life motto I have come to live by for awhile. That motto being the question I ask myself when I am not being kind, or I am allowing my emotions to blur out of control, or I’m getting so stuck in my head overanalyzing that I just don’t feel good, I ask myself, que te cuesta? What does it cost you? A piece of your soul, your joy, your peace, your self worth. Que Te Cuesta always restores me somehow. So if you find yourself on my virtual corner of the world, that is what I’m about.

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